Saturday, December 25, 2010


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Brazil has more than one hundred and fifty million inhabitants, a territory that covers 3,286,475 square miles....making it the fifth largest country on earth. It has immense natural resources.
And I just cannot describe in words, the beauty of this country.
Big cities like Sao Paulo have sky scrapers and also favelas (slums) wedged between the luxurious quarters. This is just how Brazil is. You have to see it to believe it.
The people here are amazing...with love and warmth filled in their hearts. In spite of the language problem, we never felt like foreigners here. They go out of the way to help foreigners. This is a mixed a family you can see some people with African features, some having Chinese looks, Lebanese, Japanese and so on. This is because in the late fifties...Brazilian government invited immigrants to come and settle down here.... and over a period of time, every nationality mingled and married into each other's communities. Some Indian Scientists had come to settle down here but there are not many Indians here on the whole.....probably because of the language.
Since the last 8-10 years, there has been awareness of English here and now most of the Brazilians are learning the language. Another amazing thing is their love for art and culture...specially Indian art. There are schools where Indian dances like Kuchipudi, Bharatanatyam, Manipuri are taught by the Brazilians, who have been learning these dances in India since their childhood. They feel that they were Indians in their previous birth and they all have Indian names. We also have many yoga centers. It feels really nice to see your country and its culture being appreciated and loved elsewhere, especially on the other side of the globe. After the recent visits of Indian President and the Prime Minister, Indo-Brazilian trade opportunities are opening up. Lot of IT and Pharma companies are investing here, bringing more Indian families to this beautiful country.
Talking about Brazil and not mentioning the Foot ball .....
The Brazilian foot ball team is ranked among the best in the world. Their love for the game is amazing. During the World Cup matches the whole country is on a holiday, enjoying the match. Big screens are put up everywhere for the people to watch the game.

Brazil has the most beautiful beaches too, the most famous one is Copacabana in Rio-de-Janeiro.
Well, I must say that I had the opportunity to live in many countries...but the warmth, love and affection that I have seen in the amazing ...... I have not seen or experienced it anywhere else.


Vinita said...

Very nice description of Brazil! :-)

Shobha said...

Hmm ..I miss that place so much Vini...hope I will be visiting soon.