Monday, December 6, 2010


Kanjeevaram saree is known as Queen of Sarees.
The Kanjeevaram saree get its name from the town it originated in - KANCHIPURAM / KANJEEVARAM also known as Temple Town.
It is situated in the Southern state of Tamilnadu, about 75 Kms. away from Chennai.
These sarees are made of heavy silk which is so durable that it can be washed at home with normal water. They are passed over from one generation to the next, like a piece of antique jewellery. The unique trait of these sarees is the bold and bright colours with intricate borders and exquisite pallus, which are generally woven using gold dipped silver threads (zari).

The credit completely goes to the weavers who have been carrying on this tradition for generations with excellent expertise and skill. Each saree is a unique creation and no two sarees are identical.
The length of the saree is six yards usually. There are some of nine-yard length which are worn during religious ceremonies. They are draped in a different way.Some of the older generation still continue wearing the traditional nine yard saree.
The cost of a Kanjeevaram saree can go from rupees 2,000 to 50,000 depending on the quality of the silk and the zari used. It is a must in every trousseau, specially of a South Indian girl. In the recent past, Indian silks, especially Kanjeevaram silks have been gaining popularity in the fashion capitals of the world.