Tuesday, May 12, 2015


Yes, you heard it right. How free do you feel every morning? Do you feel detoxified enough?
One thing you should be clear of is you cleanse your system first thing in the morning. One should make it a habit to eliminate all the waste from the body beginning of every day.
Avoid eating anything immediately after you wake up. As if you eat anything as soon as you wake up, your body starts the digestive function of the same diverting the digestive fibers from the elimination function for the day.
The best way to feel free and fresh in the morning is:
– Make yourself a cup of hot water, not necessarily boiling water
– Fresh lime juice
Do not squeeze the lemon in extremely hot water as it may kill the enzymes & vitamins of lemon.
Once you consume this drink your complete system gets a boost as it eases elimination and relaxation of bowels. This fantastic warm lemon dissolves the mucus in the body, supports the liver and aids in the absorption of mineral nutrients.
So, let your taste buds indulge into this warm lemon water first thing in the morning and help you detox.